Optical materials and spectroscopy group

Food analysis include assurance of safe and quality products on the market, control of nutritional labeling and compliance with government regulations and recommendations. In recent times, food analysis has become important for providing information on food authenticity and for fighting against adulteration and other forms of fraud. Although all food products may be targeted for adulteration, products of high commercial value or those produced in large quantities are usually compromised.

Group for Optical Materials and Spectroscopy – OMAS use luminescent spectroscopy for characterization of various food products. Particularly, excitation-emission matrices (EEMs), also known as fluorescence excitation-emission landscapes are used. EEMs are acquired by recording the sequence of emission spectra, each of which is excited with a different energy in a particular spectral range. Range of different chemometric methods are used to decompose the EEMs, extract information and model food fluorescence.