JOES – Judd-Ofelt from emission spectrum Software

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JOES – Judd-Ofelt from emission spectrum Software

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Application software for complete Judd-Ofelt analysis from the emission spectrum of europium doped materials

By using the software you are obliged to cite the Article:

A. Ćirić, S. Stojadinović, M. Sekulić, M.D. Dramićanin, JOES: An application software for Judd-Ofelt analysis from Eu3+ emission spectra, Journal of Luminescence, Volume 205, 351-356 (2019), doi: 10.1016/j.jlumin.2018.09.048

What is Judd-Ofelt theory?

Judd-Ofelt theory has the ability to predict oscillator strengths in both absorption and luminescence, luminescence branching rations, excited state radiative lifetimes, energy-transfer probabilities and estimates of quantum efficiencies by using only three parameters. Its predictive qualities are responsible for its widespread use in all fields regarding luminescence of rare earths. Rapid increase of the importance of the field of Lanthanide materials is followed by an increasing trend of number of research papers mentioning the theory.

Why only Europium?

Europium has unique quality that Judd-Ofelt analysis can be done solely from the emission spectrum. For Judd-Ofelt of other elements from the absorption spectrum, look for the application software named RELIC.

How to use it?

All you need is the output file from the spectrofluorometer or a Origin file containing the spectrum intensity vs wavelength. The help file is contained within the application.

Application software

JOES is written in Java, and thus works on Windows, Linux or Mac OS. It is licensed under GPLv3. The application does not require installation. For Windows there are binaries available, for other platforms there are jar files.

What is the app capable of?

  • Calculate Branching ratios,
  • Calculate Radiative transition probabilities,
  • Calculate Cross-sections,
  • Calculate Barycenters,
  • Calculate Judd-Ofelt parameters
  • Calculate CIE color space coordinates
  • Estimate quantum efficiencies
  • Draw CIE diagram
  • Find Eu site symmetry
  • Contains Refractive index database of 150 materials