ICOM 2022 & IWPPP-5

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ICOM 2022 & IWPPP-5

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The 6th International Conference on the Physics of Optical Materials and Devices (ICOM 2022)

The ICOM 2022 Conference brings together scientists and technology users who investigate or develop materials for optical applications. The conference presents the state of the art in preparation methods, optical characterization, and usage of optical materials and devices in various photonic fields.

The Organizing Committee would like to invite you to the ICOM 2022 Conference which is to be held in Belgrade, Serbia, from 29th of August to 2nd of September 2022, and is organized by the Society for science development of Serbia, IRCP Chimie Paristech (France), and CEMHTI Orléans (France).

The 5th International Workshop of Persistent and Photostimulable Phosphors (IWPPP-5)

The IWPPP-5 Conference gathers scientific and users of phosphors in various shapes (from nanoparticles to large ceramics or crystals) presenting persistent luminescence.

IWPPP-5 is related to a subfield of luminescence research dealing with persistent phosphors. Persistent luminescence is a specific type of luminescence for which the emission is delayed – for hours or even days – beyond the normal radiative lifetime of the luminescent center. After previous editions in 2011, (Ghent, Belgium), 2013 (Guangzhou, China), 2015 (Arlington, USA), 2018 (Beijing, China), the IWPPP-5 meeting is joining the ICOM Conference in 2022 and will be organized by Society for science development of Serbia, the IRCP-CNRS ChimieParisTech, Paris (France), and the CEMHTI Orléans (France).


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